Welcome to the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI), a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Science and Technology Center on the deep subseafloor biosphere. Our mission is to explore life beneath the seafloor and make transformative discoveries that advance science, benefit society, and inspire people of all ages and origins. We are a multi-institutional distributed center establishing the intellectual, educational, technological, cyber-infrastructural and collaborative framework needed for transformative experimental and exploratory research on the subseafloor biosphere. Connect with us via our mailing list, on Facebook and on our twitter!

2014 International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology, October 5-10

Submit your abstracts to sessions such as "Astrobiology/Microbiology of Extreme Subsurface Environments" chaired by Tori Hoehler and Karsten Pedersen at the forthcoming International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology meeting, which will be held at Asilomar this October, just after the C-DEBI Annual Meeting (details to come shortly). Abstracts due April 21. See submission instructions at http://www.2014issm.com/presentations.html


Pele's pit trap from FEMO 2007
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JOIDES Resolution photo by W. Crawford, IODP/TAMU
Education & Outreach

CORK photo by K. Becker, RSMAS/UM
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C-DEBI Newsletter
April 15, 2014 Issue

Life in Extreme Environments
Kallmeyer and Wagner, eds. C-DEBI Contributions 169, 196 and 199
Microbial Life of the Deep Biosphere

Limnology and Oceanography
Kirchman et al. C-DEBI Contribution 195
Metagenomic analysis of organic matter degradation in methane-rich Arctic Ocean sediments

ISME Journal
Kaster et al. C-DEBI Contribution 203
Single cell genomic study of Dehalococcoidetes species from deep-sea sediments of the Peruvian Margin

ISME Journal
Vetriani et al. C-DEBI Contribution 198
Deep-sea hydrothermal vent Epsilonproteobacteria encode a conserved and widespread nitrate reduction pathway (Nap)

Wheat et al.
Dorado AT26-09 Cruise Report

Bennett et al. C-DEBI Contribution 201
Carbon adsorption onto Fe oxyhydroxide stalks produced by a lithotrophic iron-oxidizing bacteria

ISME Journal
Wang et al.
Methanotrophic archaea possessing diverging methane-oxidizing and electron-transporting pathways

IODP 327 Proceedings
Jungbluth et al. C-DEBI Contribution 181
Data report: microbial diversity in sediment near Grizzly Bare Seamount in Holes U1363B and U1363G

ISME Journal
Meyer and Huber. C-DEBI Contribution 180
Stain-level genomic variation in natural populations of Lebetimonas from an erupting deep-sea volcano

Upcoming Expeditions

March 22 - April 21, 2014
North Pond

Apply to Sail with IODP

General Calendar

April 27 - May 2, 2014
European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly
Vienna, Austria

May 17 - 20, 2014
American Society for Microbiology (ASM) General Meeting
Boston, Massachussetts, USA



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